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The Hunt

Based on the English sport of ‘Fox-hunting’, drag hunting has the same old traditions and strict dress codes.


Most importantly, we do not hunt foxes. Instead, the hounds are trained to follow a scent, which is laid down by a lead rider and then the chase is on.

Drag Hunting is an exhilarating, non-competitive, cross-country, equestrian sport that takes place all over the Cape Winelands, on private farms and wine estates. 

We are very truly privileged to have access to such fantastic venues for this fast-paced sport.

Our horses are all experienced hunters and our keen eye for matching riders with suitable horses will ensure your day is filled with just the right level of adrenaline.

The trail is ridden at a canter or a gallop and usually includes numerous optional jumps and some natural hazards such as river crossings.

​Our horse riding club is very friendly and open to new hunters and visitors. Once you join the hunt you will be treated like a long-lost family member.

To learn more about activities at Vredenheim Wine Estate, click here.

Price: R3000 Per Person.

  •  Well turned out horse for the hunt.

  •  Transport for you and your horse from our yard to the  hunt venue & back to our yard.

  •  Entrance fees

  • Stirrup cup (Sherry and snacks before the hunt) and champagne or orange juice half way.

  • A cold beer after the hunt.

Optional Extras:

*You are welcome to join for the festivities after the hunt. Depending on venue, this will be a meal at a restaurant, a picnic, or a traditional South African braai.

*We can help you with boots, jackets, stocks, hairnets etc. Please ask when booking.

**Terms and Conditions,

  • Strict Weight Limit: 95kgs (210lb)

  • Experienced riders only

  • Only available Sundays between May – September

  • No animals are hurt in this activity

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