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Louise Collier

Horses are 100% the heart of what I do. Their welfare always comes first. I have an incredible connection with each of them. Training horses is an interesting business, because in order to "train" the horse, you must be willing to learn from them. They are the real teachers and when we allow ourselves to open up to what they have to say, the magic is endless. A real relationship with a horse is not based on dominance; it is based on being seen, being heard, feeling felt and getting gotten.

My Story

I was living in London, climbing the corporate Ladder, commuting, juggling childcare, working all hours just to pay for the holiday I desperately needed because I was working all the time...
I knew there had to be a different way of life. A life I wouldn't want a Holiday from. Well, not a permanent one.
Call it a midlife crisis (I call it my spiritual awakening, thanks BB) I packed up my house, my husband, my children and my cats and moved to South-Africa.
I always had a dream of owning a string of ponies, but that dream never got nurtured and somehow I got swept away down the stream of 'life' and only when I looked deep inside did I find it there, snoozing and very much alive!
I started Horse riding at Pink Germanium in 2016 and honestly, I have never been happier. The Horses are so grounding and every time I get to take like minded, adventure seeking guests out to share the magnificence of our beautiful country I am filled with gratitude that I paused for long enough to find my different way of life.

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